Does fat freezing work?

Fat freezing is, in other words, referred to as cool sculpting or cryolipolysis.
It is a medical procedure that involves getting rid of excess fat cells underneath your skin. This procedure works effectively, by ensuring that the fat cells are killed within a few weeks of treatment, then it will be broken down and flashed through your liver as wastes, then out of your body.
Yes, this process works effectively, but it is of significant importance to note its risks.

How long does fat freeze last?

The proper explanation to this question is to state if the fat cell grows back after freezing, the answer is no. The fat cells do not grow back after freezing, and this means the new cells will be created. What freezing does, is the permanent removal of fat cells from the body, and as a result, the stubborn fat bulges are permanently reduced. However, when these stubborn bulges are forever gotten rid of, freezing can last for as long as six years.

Can you lose weight by freezing fat?

Fat freezing cannot help much in losing weight. This is because what contributes to your weight is muscles, and fat doesn’t weigh much. However, after your done with freezing, you can still go on with your program to control your weight and to do plenty of exercises alongside maintaining your diet.

What are the risks and side effects of freezing?

Some common risks and side effects of fat freezing are;

  • Tugging sensation during treatment.

    During the fat freezing process, two rolls of fat are placed between two cooling panels on the treated part of your body, and this will eventually cause a kind of sensation, of pulling or tugging that you will have to put up with for over two hours until the procedure is done.

  • Pain, stinging or aching at the treatment site.

    Research study shows that the common side effect experienced by people who have undergone cool sculpting is aching during treatment, pain, and stinging. This effects maybe as a result of the intense skin cold temperatures following the tissue exposure during freezing. These sensations start immediately after treatment and last for as long as two weeks after treatment. A research study was carried out from the year 2015, and the results reviewed show that people who had done 554 cryolipolysis procedures over one year had their post-treatment pain lasting for at least one to two weeks before it went away completely.

  • Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia during treatment.

    Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia is a very serious and rare side effect that can be caused by fat freezing. This problem is most common with men, and it is an example of a fatal side effect that does not disappear on its
    own. Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia is believed to be caused by fat cells in the treatment area. During the process, these fat cells grow bigger rather than smaller. There is no clear understanding of this scenario, but the effect is cosmetic, rather than physically dangerous. 

    Temporary effects.

    Common fat freezing common side effects in all areas where treatment was done include the following,

    • Skin sensitivity
    • Temporary redness
    • Bruising.
    • Numbness.
    • Muscle cramping.
    • Swelling

These minor effects are caused by inner skin exposure to cold temperatures.
It usually disappears after a week or two. These effects occur due to fat freezing effects on the skin in the same way as frostbite. However, in this case, it is targeting the skin’s inner fatty tissues, and the good news is fat freezing is safe and can never lead to frostbite.

Other common side effects.

A person may continue experiencing another side effect for a few weeks after this procedure. These side effects that can occur later include;

  • Diarrhea, occurring as dead cells, are released out of the body.
  • A feeling of fullness along the throat involving the chin or neck region
    after treatment.
  • Itchiness, especially after a few days of the procedure.

Note: It is important to note that fat freezing is not a surgical process.
However, the patient must not expect any severe side effects after the procedure. All these effects are temporary, and they go away after some time.
Ensure that you are worked on by a professional, to minimize side effects.

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