NAET Technique
NAET is the Nambudrioad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques.

NAET Practitioner

NAET is the Nambudrioad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques. It is this form of medicine, which others refer to as alternative medicine that is claimed to identify allergies and their related disorders and to treat them. The testing and treatment of NAET are done for all ages. Below we take you through NAET practitioner, how it works, and every single detail you need to understand about the NAET practitioner.

What is a NAET practitioner?

The NAET practitioner is persons with authority to treat patients with NAET, provide guidance as well as train other practitioners in terms of NAET methods. The practitioners are listed in four different categories. The NAET instructor, the certified practitioners of NAET, the associates of NAET, and the NAR foundation members. The first category of instructors comprises of fully trained personnel who provide treatment. The next group includes persons that are proven via presentation in the laboratory. The associates involve the staff that has had basic and hand training but no laboratory results. In contrast, the last group includes persons that have only taken basic training online but have not come into contact with proper hands-on training.

Does NAET really work?

Yes! NAET works, all you need is to find the right practitioner. Some people also prefer to treat themselves, using various information in books. However, treating yourself will work if your allergies are moderate. If you cannot treat yourself using the information in books and the internet, then find yourself a practitioner. It takes personal willingness and dedication to have the NAET work. You need to have your self-treatments at home, as well as visiting a clinic or hospital. There are many living testimonies of people that took the treatment and said goodbye to allergies. Is there any other kind of proof that anyone needs to show that this really works?

What is NAET, and how does NAET work?

NAET is an allergy elimination technique that was invented by an Indian, which involves using a particular form of muscle testing to discover any energetic clashes between the body and the allergens. The treatment of this is started by treating the primary allergens. The NAET utilizes different combinations. This includes the kinesiological muscle response testing, spinal stimulation to the nervous system and the brain, meridian points, and the electromagnetic fields. This ensures that they no longer react to an allergen. Once the body accepts this reprogramming, it slowly begins healing by itself.

Is NAET covered by insurance?

NAET has approved insurance for some years now, and as a result, some insurance companies have agreed to this. However, not all insurance companies pay for the treatment. What you need to do is check with your insurance companies to understand if they cover for the NAET treatment. Some of these insurance companies also pay for the treatment of the symptoms and not for the therapy itself. NAET allows payment by insurance, but unfortunately, some insurance companies do not pay for the procedure. Check out with your practitioner or the insurance company to find out if you are covered.

How much does NAET cost?

Different NAET offices charge different per session. A session takes 30-35 minutes, and per session, some clinics charge $51. Others charge as much as $200.However, the typical cost for the treatment is $85.

How is NAET performed?

The treatment in NAET consists of having the spines moving at least four times, while the patient holds a chosen allergen. In the first move, the patient is asked to inhale and hold their breath; in the second sequence, they are asked to exhale and hold the breath. While in the third, they pant, and in the last round, they breathe normally. The patients’ response to this treatment is checked by muscle testing. A thirty-second massage is then carried out, and finally, the patient holds the allergen for thirty minutes while resting. This marks the end of the NAET treatment for the next twenty-four to twenty-five hours.

NAET can help you treat all your allergies, how you go about the decision to start your treatment is what matters. Get yourself the best practitioner and find an insurance company that can cater to your treatment. Go to the clinic as per your doctors’ appointments, follow your practitioners’ advice to the latter and you will be in no time saying goodbye to allergies.

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