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Health Spa Estheticians

Estheticians perform waxing, facials and various skincare treatments either in a health spa or salon. They are also referred to as skincare specialists and work in beauty or purchasing consulting, cosmetology marketing, or paramedical estheticians who work in the medical community. Estheticians should hold a valid esthetician license before performing cosmetology procedures.

What is a spa Esthetician?

A spa esthetician is a cosmetic professional whose responsibility is to provide skincare treatments. The services they provide concerning skin appearance include skin cleansing and facial skin care. Some of the treatments that estheticians provide include makeup, facial massages, waxing procedures, facial hair removal, and foot reflexology. Other duties of an esthetician include analyzing the client’s skin, performing various skincare treatments and offering vital information about the best skincare products.

Can esthetician own a spa?

Estheticians provide their professional services in spas, salons and beauty supplies. They also offer a wide array of services which include pore cleansing, facials and exfoliating treatments. An esthetician can choose to open their spa or salon and offer their services to the clients after acquiring a valid esthetician license. Some estheticians are also employed by companies. Qualified Estheticians can provide their professional services which include providing advice to clients on skin cleansing regime and also evaluating the skin using magnifying lamps and special equipment.

Do estheticians make good money?

To consider the income potential in the esthetician career is very important. Esthetician incomes are sometimes not limited to a specific number. However, some factors affect the pay rate of an esthetician which includes a specialization, location and type of employer. For instance, the top-paying employers are the medical hospitals and spas. According to Labour Statistics, the average yearly salary of an esthetician specialist is $30,000. The income ranges between $18,000 yearly for a starting salary to about $60,000 annually for the top 10%.

Can estheticians do injections?

If an esthetician is working in a medical spa or medical office they are likely to come along medical professionals who perform injections. Estheticians are not allowed to administer injections. However, they can assist the nurse, physician assistant or doctor, by offering post and pre-procedure care. Injections are considered to be critical cosmetic procedures and they are often administered by a licensed medical professional. Although some of the duties given to an esthetician during an injection procedure, for instance, the botox procedure include prepping the face, applying some topical anesthetic, applying pressure in case bleeding occurs, applying moisturizer and post-treatment instructions after the procedure.

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